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Testing Ansible roles with Molecule

I recently heard about Molecule , a tool for testing roles in Ansible. Essentially the whole of the conversation was: "Have you ever used Molecule?" "No - what's that?" "It's for testing Ansible roles. I haven't used it either, but someone told me it was cool." I went about reading the docs, and felt like they were not great for someone who had no idea what was going on (the API documentation is great, though). After doing some playing around with it, I think Molecule looks pretty useful, so here is what I wish the docs had told me up front. What is it? Molecule provides a lot of the boilerplate required to test Ansible roles. It provides tools to automagically stand up test hosts using Docker, Vagrant, LXD, Azure and many other virtualization and containerization providers, lint and run the role to be tested, and run Goss or Testinfra tests against the test hosts. Getting started You can install Molecule using pip: pip install